Student Success at Strode's

Student Success

At Strode's you can be confident that you will get great results enabling you to go on to whatever you want to do. Here are some of our recent successes.

Picture of Daniel who got three A stars and an A.

A* Maths, A* Further Maths, A* Chemistry A Physics.

Daniel is reading Chemical Engineering at University of Birmingham and is also applying for BP Scholarship.

Formerly: The Royal Belfast Academical Institution

Picture of Sara who got an A star and a D star D star in her BTEC.

D*D* BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting), A* Film Studies

Sara will be taking a gap year and working during this time.

Formerly: Hampton Academy

Picture of Rhea who got D star D star and DS star in her BTECs.

D*D* BTEC in Business, DS* BTEC in IT, C Extended Project

Rhea will be reading Business and Marketing at Hertfordshire University

Formerly: Gumley House Convent School

Picture of Justyna who got two A stars and two As.

A* Business Studies, A English Literature, A Psychology, A* Extended Project.

Justyna will be attending Aston University, Birmingham to study Marketing.

Formerly: Thomas Knyvett College

Picture of Michael who got two A stars and an A.

A* Further Mathematics, A* Mathematics, A English Literature

Michael is reading Maths at Oxford University

Formerly: Home Tutored

Picture of Melody who got an A, B and DD in her BTEC.

DD BTEC Diploma in Media, A Film Studies, B Extended Project

Melody has successful landing herself an Internship with Couture Stories

Formerly: Fullbrook School

Picture of Henry who got two As, A star and a B.

A Economics, A Mathematics, B Geography and A* Extended Project

Since leaving Strode's Henry has volunteered as an English Language assistant in Spain and is going to the University of Exeter to study Geography.

Formerly: Teddington School