UCAS Information


Please note these instructions are for applications for 2019 entry. 

If Strode's College was your last full-time educational establishment, you may apply to UCAS through us for up to 3 years from the date you left college. We are happy to provide a reference for you, but only if you apply through us. In order to do this you must follow the instructions below and use our buzzword strodes2019

You can download/print the 'How to complete your application - a guide for former students of Strode's College' here.

This year the College's internal deadlines are:

·       All applications for Oxbridge, Medicine (A100), Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry must be received by Friday 28 September 2018 to meet the UCAS deadline of 15th October 2018. In addition, please contact the careers department careers@windsor-forest.ac.uk immediately if you are applying for any of the above courses or any course at either Oxford or Cambridge.

·       All other applications from former-students must be received by Friday 23rd November 2018 in order to meet the UCAS deadline of 15th January 2019

If you miss these deadlines, we will still process your application but we cannot guarantee that your application will reach UCAS by their deadline. We recommend you make an early application.

During September and October, we run drop in sessions to help current students with their UCAS applications you will be welcome to attend. However, you must email careers@windsor-forest.ac.uk to check dates and timings. Please note that we will be unable to see former students individually at any other times.

The following websites may also be useful to help you with research and completing your application form.

·       www.ucas.com (course search & students section)

·       www.university.which.co.uk

·       www.ukcoursefinder.com

·       www.opendays.com

If you are re-sitting some of your A-Level modules, please be aware that we cannot give you predicted grades for these exams as we are no longer teaching you.

If you have already begun your application as an independent applicant but wish us to give you a reference then you will have to transfer your form to our database before we can do this.

·       Open your form online and select ‘options ‘ from the menu on the left

·       Choose ‘link to a school or college’ and then use our buzzword

We will be then alerted to the fact that you want to join our database and be able to accept you. We will process your form and send it to UCAS when it is complete.

Please remember

·       We are unable to check your personal statement for spelling, style or persuasiveness.

·       It is your responsibility to check that all aspects of your application are accurate. Plagiarised or fraudulent applications will be picked up and pursued by UCAS and universities and you will jeopardise your place.

·       As part of the application process, it may be that you are asked to correct mistakes. We will contact you by email so make sure you check your inbox on a regular basis.

·       To ensure your application is processed on time please follow the instructions above rather than contact your previous tutor directly.