Dress Code

Dress code for students

The College does not have a formal dress code but students should be mindful that the college is a working professional environment and they are requested therefore to follow the agreed guidelines:

  • Not to wear clothes or items of clothing that are a distraction to others, that may cause offence or give rise to concerns about safety.
  • Students should, for example, avoid wearing items that expose significant amounts of flesh.  This might include, singlets, crop tops, transparent clothing or exceptionally brief shorts or skirts. 
  • Clothes displaying expletives, discriminatory or sexual slogans or images, political slogans or symbols should not be worn.
  • To assist the identification of intruders and facilitate engagement between staff and students, students should avoid wearing head coverings, e.g. hoods, except where done for religious or cultural reasons.  Footwear which may give concerns should be avoided in a crowded college environment.  E.g. excessively high heels.

Students who come to college wearing such items may be sent home to change.

The examples given here are not intended to be a definitive list of inappropriate clothing and students must accept that College staff will always be the arbitrators of acceptability and safety.  The College is keen to avoid disputes with students about dress and we hope that everyone concerned will exercise discretion and common sense in enforcing this guidance.

These guidelines are set out in the student contract which all students agree to when they join the College.