Student Services

Student Pocket Guide

Each year we produce a pocketguide for students to introduce the College and help them access key services and support. To view a copy of this guide, please click here.

Free Gym Access

Our onsite gym is currently available at break times and after College for students to use. There is a range of equipment available, all that is needed is a short safety induction and then your fitness regime can begin.

Enrichment Activities & Societies

Each year the College offers students the opportunity to get involved in a number of additional non-curricular activities as part of their part of their programme. Some are subject to entry requirements, but most are just for fun. Activities in the past have included:

  • Team Sports
  • The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • A*spire Programme
  • Debating Society
  • Politics Society
  • The College Play
  • Stride Dance Company
  • The Student Union Executive
  • LGBT+ Group
  • Student Ambassador Opportunities

Available activities will be advertised to students at enrolment.

We also run a series of student focused events including the Student Parliaments, Fresher’s Fair, Christmas Fair and a Higher Education Evening. Events are advertised throughout the year and are always really well attended.

Dress Code for Students

The College does not have a formal dress code but students should be mindful that the college is a working professional environment and they are requested therefore to follow the agreed guidelines:

  • Not to wear clothes or items of clothing that are a distraction to others, that may cause offence or give rise to concerns about safety.
  • Students should, for example, avoid wearing items that expose significant amounts of flesh.  This might include, singlets, crop tops, transparent clothing or exceptionally brief shorts or skirts. 
  • Clothes displaying expletives, discriminatory or sexual slogans or images, political slogans or symbols should not be worn.
  • To assist the identification of intruders and facilitate engagement between staff and students, students should avoid wearing head coverings, e.g. hoods, except where done for religious or cultural reasons.  Footwear which may give concerns should be avoided in a crowded college environment.  E.g. excessively high heels.

Students who come to college wearing such items may be sent home to change.

The examples given here are not intended to be a definitive list of inappropriate clothing and students must accept that College staff will always be the arbitrators of acceptability and safety.  The College is keen to avoid disputes with students about dress and we hope that everyone concerned will exercise discretion and common sense in enforcing this guidance.

These guidelines are set out in the student contract which all students agree to when they join the College.


Students will have access to a designated student car park, so when you get your wheels, whether a motorcycle or a car, you can purchase your own space in our car park. Student bicycle racks are also available on-site.

Free WiFi

Strode's College offers all of its students free access to Wi-Fi. You can get online anywhere in the College from a designated computer room or your mobile device. To get yourself set up, please visit Student Services or the Resources Department.

Celebration Events

Here at Strode's College, we want to celebrate our students, not just their academic achievements but also their achievements along the way. Each half term we hold a Celebration Event to recognise students who have 100% attendance and those that have been nominated for any form of excellence by a member of staff. Each student is invited and entered in a draw for a chance to win a prize as our way of saying 'Well Done!'

Guest Speakers & Special Events

Throughout the year, we will arrange for guest speakers to visit the College to talk to students on topical issues or offer advice and guidance around a range of themes from sexual health, fitness, nutrition, self-defense and stress awareness workshops to talks about higher education and jobs stands from key employers.

Onsite Student Café

Ed's Kitchen is our onsite student café, offering freshly prepared hot food, sandwiches, drinks and snacks. Food can be made to order or purchased from a wide selection over the counter. There is a selection of healthy choices including jacket potatoes, salads, wraps and fruit, plus a range of more naughty homemade snacks and treats! Our café operates on a cashless basis making topping up and monitoring usage easy for both students and parents