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Archive: February 2017

Musical Differences

You are invite you to attend the annual college play Musical Differences by Robin French on Thursday
Paula Stelfox submitted 9 days ago
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Royal Ballet School

Recently, a group of 1st year dance students got the opportunity to experience a day at the most
Paula Stelfox submitted 10 days ago
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The Pitchfork Disney

1st year acting students went to see a revival of Philip Ridley’s ‘The Pitchfork Disney’ at
Paula Stelfox submitted 10 days ago
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Minerva Theatre Visit

Students participating in the College Play had the opportunity for a day trip to visit Chichester
Paula Stelfox submitted 10 days ago

Offers from Oxford University

We are delighted to announce that a number of Strode’s students have received offers from Oxford
Paula Stelfox submitted 17 days ago

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