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alTURNERtive Arts Prize

alTURNERtive Arts Prize

The Strode’s College alTURNERtive Arts Award evening took place on Wednesday 28th November, with 20 candidates shortlisted for the award. 

Congratulations to Katie Smith who won the Strode’s alTURNERtive Arts Prize for her amazing book of photographs, a selection from the book is currently on display at the College. 
The work was judged by assistant principal Mark Rhodes and designer Ian Swinglehurst. 

Submissions for the award were from second year students in all ranges of media, new and traditional. The show featured work in a broad range of media and from a wide variety of visual arts courses. Entries were also welcome from students studying Design and Technology courses including Graphic Products and Resistant Materials. 

The shortlist reflected the outstanding work by students and the diverse approaches explored within the Art & Design department. Work submitted was well conceived, researched and professionally presented, showing maturity and sophistication.

"It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the evening. Many thanks and congratulations to all those involved, particularly to the students for their fantastic work and to the Art & Design staff." Mark Rhodes, Assistant Principal

"The quality of the students’ work this year was outstanding and Katie was a worthy winner, the event would not have been possible without the hard work, passion and commitment of the department.”  Amanda Down, Director of Faculty, Arts and Languages

Congratulations to Lauren Altria, the winner of the ‘Peoples Choice’ for the alTURNERtive arts prize, for her paintings of herself and her twin brother. Well done Lauren!

Please click below to see shortlisted work

Ben Austin-Duch 
Ben Bradshaw 
Caleb Mockett 
Cecilia McCormick 
Dan Maslin 
Danielle O’Brien 
Elli-Rose Cockayne 
Grace Turley 
Hannah Kent 
Jacob Riglin 
Joey Yu
Katie Smith 
Lauren Altria 
Meriel Woolf 
Ruby Parker 
Ryan Croxon 
Sammie Whitethread 
Saranga Perera 
Tom Young 
Will Chappell



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