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Strode's College CSI Day

Strode's College CSI Day

On Tuesday 20th November, Strode’s students studying the BTEC Forensic Science course took part in a Crime Scene Investigation day, led by Steve Gaskin from Rightangle Events Limited.  

Students were given a scenario that someone had broken into the College and three suspects had been arrested in the vicinity. Their task was to try and establish who was responsible for the break in.

The day began with the students collecting and packaging evidence, ensuring they recorded the scene photographically and that they were protected from contaminating the crime scene by using appropriate protective clothing.

Shot gun cartridges were examined to establish which of a possible two weapons had been used. Students created casts of the suspects’ teeth and used them to compare with bite marks left at the scene. There were many fingerprints at the scene and students were taught in detail about how to take and lift fingerprints as well as learning about fingerprint types and identifying features. 
Finally students examined blood spatter evidence and used this, in conjunction with the other evidence examined throughout the day, to determine which of the three suspects may be responsible for the crime.

Many students found the day “very interesting, informative and fun dressing up!”

Steve Gaskin BSC (Hons), PGCE, Director and Former Detective Chief Inspector said,  “Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching BTEC Level 3 Investigating a Crime Scene at Strode’s College, in Egham. The objectives of the day were to investigate a crime scene involving; scene preservation, forensic Dentistry, fingerprint analysis, blood spatter pattern analysis and ballistic examination. From the outset students were well motivated, excited and 'on task'.
Furthermore, students were required to write up each section. I was really impressed by the depth and detail of the write ups. I also observed some students working through breaks to complete the task. This bodes extremely well for the workplace in due course. Can I congratulate students on a job well done and also thank lecturers and support staff for their assistance.” 






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