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Strode's invite Battersea 'Therapets' in for Mental Health Week

Strode's invite Battersea 'Therapets' in for Me...

Students' mental health was top of the agenda recently with a very successful visit from Battersea Dogs and Cats home. 

The visit was initiated by the Strode's Student Union Executive who suggested it would be great for students' mental health to invite a local 'Therapets' group into the college. Fortunately, Battersea has an outreach programme and very kindly brought in a bulldog called George and a Whippet/Staffie cross for some therapeutic cuddle time with the students. Both are rescue dogs which have been rehomed together and act a Battersea Ambassadors along with their new owner Chris who gave the students an insight into the dog's history and explained how Battersea had helped restore the lovely dogs to what they are today. 

The therapeutic sessions have proved so popular and successful we are hoping to get Battersea back again soon. 

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