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Successful Student Parliament

Successful Student Parliament

On 6th December at the second student parliament of the academic year, over 30 tutor reps engaged in an excellent discussion about the sort of College they wanted Strode’s to be. 

A few key highlights from the afternoon were the president of the SU and his executive team putting forward the motion that due to government spending cuts, the college is chronically underfunded and they request action and plan to lobby this to the College’s MP (the Right Honourable Philip Hammond).

The afternoon ended with a feedback from the corner activity where students spoke to a different number of staff to air their views and give feedback on certain areas such as curriculum, tutoring, Student Services, IT, Catering and Estates.

As ever students joined in really positively and made their views known in a professional and convincing fashion. The next Parliament is in March 2018.

Thank you to the tutors who helped prepare the students so well. 

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