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Freshers’ Fair Returns

Freshers’ Fair Returns
Strode’s Freshers’ Fair is for students to discover new opportunities, celebrate the new academic year and start college life by finding out about the extra-curricular activities that are available to them.
A little rain did not dampen spirits as students were keen to try out and get involved in numerous activities including the giant Connect 4 and rowing competition. Entertainment was provided by a very popular mini-farm where students got the opportunity to feed the goats, stroke the rabbits and pet the lambs.  The damp 20ft high bouncy slide and sumo wrestling were a hit for the brave students while Magic Singh walked around performing close up magic to all the students.
The event brought together plenty of highlights including Shades Hair and Beauty who were on hand to pamper students with a free haircut.  The culinary delights of the day were donuts, popcorn and candy floss and you got to toast your own marshmallow in the D of E tent.  
Back by popular demand were the henna tattoos and infamous mirrored photo booth.  There was a lot of great sporting and volunteering information on offer including the Student Union and Learning Centre.
Freshers’ was a massive success and was enjoyed by all. 

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