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Students from Strode’s take third place in this year’s National Finals

Students from Strode’s take third place in this...

Strode’s Chemistry students are celebrating third place in the National Finals of the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Competition, which took place on Thursday 22 June at Sussex University.

This final event saw around 20 schools/colleges from Great Britain and The Republic of Ireland, judging the most accurate and precise students as they all competed for the prestigious glass engraved trophy and prize money.

Our successful team of three, Josh Passey, Willow Rolls and Kerry Turcsi, undertook various analytical experiments and were judged on their skills, understanding and accuracy including team work and safety in the lab.  

They had to carry out four analytical procedures using advanced techniques, three of which are usually only available to university students.  The students were given three hours to carry out the experimental work followed by one and a half hours analysing their results and submitting their written results and calculations.


The scenario the students were presented with was a sulphuric acid manufacturing plant that had discharged dangerous substances into a river. The scientific team were charged with analysing water samples to determine the level and concentration of a variety of toxins thought to be present in the water.


In the face of a very prestigious and tough competition the Strode’s team achieved third place which shows fantastic team spirit and a methodical approach to the tasks they were faced with.


Well done Strode’s


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