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Politics students at Royal Holloway

Politics students at Royal Holloway

On 28th March AS Politics students visited the Royal Holloway College, University of London, and were invited to an 'interactive Social Sciences event' to listen to some prominent guest speakers debating issues such as the economic crisis and its effects on future University students, Amnesty International concerns, as well as what limits Democracy places on the USA, UK and the EU.  They were asked to participate in some interactive activities with University students and then present their ideas in true University style, in a lecture hall, on a podium and lecturn. 

This was a successful day which allowed Strode's students to develop their understanding, not only about political, social and economic issues but to discover what University really feels like. 

Their Politics' tutor commented that they were such assets to Strode's College that it was difficult to distinguish between the University students and the Strode's sixth formers as they conducted themselves and presented their arguments so well.


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