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There has been a murder….

There has been a murder….

On Friday 16th June, Strode’s BTEC Science students took part in a Crime Scene Investigation day.  In the heat of the day the students donned their forensics suits and started to collect evidence from the crime scene. 


Students were given a scenario where there had been a murder on the College grounds.  A vehicle appeared ‘abandoned’ with its boot open out of which a body had been dumped in the undergrowth. ‘


As the students worked behind the bold yellow ‘crime scene tape’ and under the white forensic tent they began gathering and bagging evidence, ensuring they recorded the scene photographically and picked up hair and clothes fibres.  Tyre marks were examined, casts of the suspects’ footprints were made and samples of the dead body were taken away to be examined further.

Students are now working hard to piece all the evidence together.

Many students found the day “very interesting, informative and fun dressing up!”

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