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Modern Languages dept trip to Spain

Modern Languages dept trip to Spain

The trip to Salamanca was a very enriching experience.

As soon as we arrived we were immediately immersed in the Spanish culture by being spoken to only in Spanish. My host family was very friendly and did everything possible to make us feel at home and the woman’s cooking left us with a true taste of Spanish culture.

Throughout the trip we participated in a series of activities which included grammar and communication lessons which were extremely useful for exam preparation but which I also found improved my fluency. However, my favourite activity was outside the classroom, the tour of the city, in which we found out about legends and learned interesting facts about the historic area. I strongly recommend this trip to other language students as it really helps with language skills.

Thanks Ana for an unforgettable experience!

Sabrina  Samad- A2 Spanish Student

The Spanish trip to Salamanca provided us with an opportunity to practise and improve our Spanish by speaking to natives, most of whom did not speak any English. We stayed with Spanish families who only spoke Spanish, and cooked traditional Spanish food for us to eat. We were treated as members of the family rather than guests - this allowed us to experience the Spanish way of life, as did many of the activities we did. We had a tour of the historical part of the city, ate tapas and went to a salsa dancing class, all of which were very enjoyable and educational. The college we attended was fantastic – they put us into groups based on our ability and gave us a course tailored to what we could achieve and what we needed to learn for our exams. The teachers were helpful and enthusiastic and taught us not only what we needed for our exam, but other useful things such as common Spanish phrases and traditions. Overall the trip was really worthwhile – we all had a great time and learned a lot, which will be invaluable when we take our summer exams.

Patrick Oakes  - A2  Spanish student

Spanish Trip

The trip to Salamanca was both educational and enjoyable. The mix of lessons and cultural exploration allowed us to learn about Spain whilst improving our language skills. We stayed with host families who spoke very little English therefore forcing us to speak Spanish which has definitely helped me to improve both my speaking and listening skills. The lessons were very good as they assessed our individual levels and then targeted the lesson at our standard so we could make the most of the experience. We also did various activities to have a taste of the Spanish culture such as eating tapas, churros and salsa dancing which were very fun to participate in. I would definitely recommend this trip to other students who do Spanish as in addition to the difference it will make to their exam by improving their Spanish it will be a fantastic experience which they will not forget.

Lani Landsman – A2 Spanish student


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