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Celebration Event

Celebration Event
Celebration Event
Strode’s students have been commended again this week for achieving either 100% attendance, or for achieving excellence progress in the third half term of the academic year. 
The students were invited to celebrate their achievements with a shared pizza feast in Coopers’ Hall at lunchtime and were also placed into a prize draw.  Assistant Principal, Amanda Down then drew the winning tickets and presented the lucky winners with a £15.00 ‘One4all’ gift card.  

Our congratulations go to attendance winners Emily Dixon, Maria Stoyanova, Miles Palmer, Owen Simpson and Sam Macpherson and excellence goes to Dominic Birn-Pratt, Kimono MacDonald D’Souza and Natalie Gomm.
There will be significant prizes at the end of the academic year for students who have 100% attendance or who have been awarded an excellence award. To incentivise other students to continue to improve excellent motivation or attendance, the clock will start again giving everyone a new opportunity and to receive a prize. 

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