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Students visit Bank of England

Students visit Bank of England
Monday 26th March saw 2 departments merging for a joint venture to the capital for an economics based trip. Students were taken to the Bank of England followed by a visit to the London Metal Exchange, one of the last places where they still trade ‘the old fashioned way’ with hand signals and waving bits of paper around. At the Bank of England the students were treated to an informative presentation on how monetary policy affects the economy and the decisions the bank has to make to try to maintain economic stability. Following a spot of lunch the sunny weather meant students had a tour courtesy of Larry Moore, teacher of economics, from St Pauls Cathedral and along the buzzing Southbank back to Waterloo. The wealth of Larry’s knowledge included interesting facts about the Millennium Bridge, the OXO tower and the Shard, to name a few highlights, with students questions being along the lines of ‘ is there anything you DON’T know’!. All in all a successful trip combining 2 subjects that naturally complement each other that helped the students gain a clearer understanding of where and how key decisions relating to monetary policies are made.
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