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Celebrating Excellence

Celebrating Excellence

A number of Strode’s students have been commended recently for achieving 100% attendance or excellence in their subjects during the second term of the academic year. 

All of the winning students were invited to celebrate their achievements with a shared pizza feast in Cooper’s Hall at lunchtime and were also placed into a prize draw. Rowan Cookson then drew the winning tickets and presented the ten lucky winners with £10.00 vouchers. Our congratulations go to Tyler Pannone, Nathan Gray, Callum Smith, Nicola Prendagast, Ashley Matthews, Eleanor Keogh, Ameila Harrison, Kajal Patel and Regina Kazininczi.

What a great way to incentivise the students!

The clock has started again giving everyone a new opportunity to aim for 100% over the next half term until then end of the academic year.

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