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Young Enterprise Finals

Young Enterprise Finals

The 27th March saw the culmination from 6 months of planning for Strode’s students as they attended the Young Enterprise North Surrey finals at Procter & Gamble Brooklands. Two teams were entered flying the flag for Strode’s – MyID  selling personalised memory sticks and Averages Joes who had produced recycled phone socks. In preparation for the final students had to carry out real tasks that a real business would have to do such as produce a company report, complete financial documents including a profit and loss account and pay VAT and corporation tax to Young Enterprise. On submission of these they then prepared a display stand detailing their experiences of their ‘financial year’ trading. The big thing for the teams though was the requirement to do a presentation in front of 200 people who were a combination of other school and college teams, business advisors and the mayor. Each team's representatives spoke exceptionally well summarising their key points and what their future plans would be should they continue trading. Each team said the key things from the Young Enterprise experience were making new friends and the benefits of them working together. Rebecca Cain, business link teacher, said, ’I was so proud of the students and what they achieved this year. They embraced the ethos of learning by doing and I hope they understand the value of what they have achieved today’. Graeme Ross, Average Joes business advisor, commented on how the students had developed as a team whilst he had been working with them and felt the experience helped him reflect also with how he works in his business.

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