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Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is one of the enrichment studies that students take part in during their time here at Strode’s College.  Each year Young Enterprise UK runs a national competition for their Company Programme which provides a great way to teach students all about the ins and outs of running a business. The competition involves teams of students from across the local area setting themselves up as “companies”, issuing annual reports, designing trade stands and producing a business presentation. The companies trade as a real business for a 'year' from September to March, selling goods, making profit and paying VAT and corporation tax etc.

This year Strode’s team ‘Generation16 (G16)’ had a group of 10 students that meet every week to discuss their business ideas.  They decided on seasonal demands such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.  They did this by purchasing wooden roses from E-bay and selling them for a profit.

Through this enrichment time the G16 group were able to attend workshop events on Marketing, Sales and Finance and listen to speakers and experts from the participating businesses.

The students also had a stall at the Woking Trade Fairs in February. The students also presented in front of a large audience and then answer questions to the judging panel, who are experts from locally based companies.

G16 attended the half year competition in Camberley on February 9th and the area competition at Proctor and Gamble HQ in Weybridge on March 23rd. On both occasions they impressed the judges and the students felt that they had demonstrated the above skills well and were proud of their achievements. 

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