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Dance Show

Dance Show



Strode’s dance students take centre stage this week to host another dance show. The audience witnesses a mixture of Yr1 Diploma, Year1 Subsidiary Diploma, Yr2 Diploma and Yr2 Subsidiary Diploma show cased their practical courses. 


The dance show presented a variety of styles including: Contemporary and Jazz.


The standard of the work was exceptionally high and the students involved should all be incredibly proud of themselves. 


The evening really showed that Strode’s has got some great dancing talent!

DSC_0335 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0341 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0369 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0395 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0398 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0418 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0423 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0324 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0327 (Copy).JPG  DSC_0330 (Copy).JPG 

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