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NHS Professionals

NHS Professionals

Bernadette Garner from NHS Professionals provided both level 2 & 3 BTEC Health and Social Care classes with an eye opening presentation about employment and training opportunities in the Health professions.

She spent the first part of the session explaining the options for training and gaining experience in the sector followed with one to one and small group sessions dealing with specific issues.

Students were surprised that they could get training while in paid employment and a job at the end of the course. They were amazed when they discovered that the main interview criteria were not qualifications but personality and commitment. Most startling of all was the realisation that there were immediate employment opportunities at the end of the course and access to higher qualifications.

One student’s comment “This has really made a difference; I was so excited I rang my Mum straight away”.  Another student observed that “it’ll be much more useful than a gap year”.

 For those whose plans might change Bernadette shared her contact details and invited them to contact her at any time for further help and advice. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

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