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Musical Differences

Musical Differences

This year’s College play “Musical Differences” was a huge hit.  The play was written by Robin French for the National Theatre Connections festival.

On Thursday night we witnessed the final production before our Performing Arts students head off to the Minerva Theatre, Chichester to perform it again for the National Theatre Connections festival, fingers crossed we will be selected to perform at the National Theatre.

The production is set in the summer of Year Ten, Alex Stokes takes the fateful step of buying an electric guitar and forming his own rock group.  He teams up with a mysterious young singer by the name of Joel Lawrence. What follows could well be the most incredible saga in the school’s musical history. The band survives different line-ups, impossible love affairs and brutal school politics. By Year Thirteen, they are a tightly knit four-piece, and their final gig is nothing short of remarkable – but have individual members paid too high a price?

Break a leg guys you are amazing!

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