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Kwasi back at Strode’s

Kwasi back at Strode’s



Strode’s College Students have been busy just before Christmas arranging their own personal visit from Kwasi Kwerteng MP. The community of students from the Politics Society (the organisers), Politics students and the Student Union attended the talk in Cooper’s Hall and listened to Kwasi speaking about an array of significant changes in the world of politics such as the historical build up to the European Union and the desire of 140 Tories ‘voting out’ in the2016 European Referendum. He also discussed his visit with D. Trump and how Trump’s victory echoed the victory of the UKIP party in the UK.

This was an unusual opportunity for the students to learn about political history from a renowned author, historian and politician. The students were able to ask challenging questions and debate about important issues to them such as the lack of housing in Britain, the PREVENT strategy and foreign policy relating to countries such as Syria. The passion from the students was felt in the room through the serious nature of some of the topics discussed. However, when asked about what Kwasi hoped to leave as his legacy he reminded students that he was too young, but pointed out that M. Thatcher was the type of politician who ‘got the job done’ as opposed to lamenting about what she would leave behind. In the same vain he might agree that his passion for ‘building community’ relations and ‘economic prosperity’ might unwittingly be his legacy.


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