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Applicant Information

Applicant Information


Latest update for applicants for 2012 entry

We are still accepting applications for entry in September 2012.  Please apply using the ‘How to Apply’ section of the website.
Online applications are acknowledged via email to the address supplied on the application.Interviews are currently taking place for students who applied before Christmas.  We will continue to interview students who applied from January 2012 onwards throughout the Spring Term in order of date of application. We will write to students approximately 2 weeks before their appointment.  It is very important that you give us 3 working days’ notice if you cannot attend your appointment.


This event is for applicants for 2012 entry who may require further advice and for year 10 pupils and their families who are considering making application for courses commencing in September 2013. Please note that we will begin accepting applications for 2013 from 11th June 2012. We cannot consider applications for 2013 prior to this date.

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th June 2012 - Introduction Days for students starting in September 2012

Students who have applied and been offered places to join the College in September 2012 will be invited to attend Strode's for two days after their GCSEs to experience life at College and attend sessions in their chosen subjects.

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