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Students attend Prevent workshops

Students attend Prevent workshops


As part of the College’s safeguarding work, all students took part in a workshops on the Prevent Duty.


The Prevent Duty relates to the responsibilities we all have to protect ourselves and others from being radicalised into extremism ideas of all descriptions which then can lead to violence and terrorism.


This is a difficult area to discuss with students as some may feel that it is not relevant to their lives or understand why it is such a high priority at present. It is important however to help young people develop their resilience to manipulation and grooming, particularly on line and to be able to be able to distinguish between opinions that are simply offensive and those that might be propaganda, extremist and possibly criminal.


Kevin Hayes our invited workshop leader, led the sessions and engaged with students by stimulating interest and getting students to appreciate how important the issues are. These workshops are part of the wider range of activities the College is organising to raise awareness with students and staff about this issue.


For more information, contact Bernadette Joslin Assistant Principal Student Services, Safeguarding Lead for the College

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