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Jess and Joe Forever

Jess and Joe Forever

The first year Performing Arts Acting company attended an interactive workshop with director Imogen Bond at the Orange Tree Theatre. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it gave them a deeper understanding of the themes and techniques used in the play Jess and Joe forever. After the workshop they then went on to watch a two hander starring: Nicola Coughlan as Jess and Rhys Issac-Jones as Joe.

The actors played two characters re-telling their stories of their summers spent together, the students found the performance engaging and inspiring to watch, they were captivated by the actors use of characterisation to show the difference in ages and when the actors took on additional roles to tell their stories. The students also enjoyed how the play had a twist and explored current topics of transgender and Bulimia.

Year 1 students are now planning to create their own interpretation of the text for their next performance unit.

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