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Business Students at County Hall

Business Students at County Hall

BTC level 3 students were invited to Kingston County Hall on the 6th March to take part in a marketing awareness challenge. They were given a task to develop and plan a campaign that would raise awareness of drug and solvent abuse within their peer groups. After conducting research before the event the students - Gemma Kennedy, Kirkland Evans, Danielle O Brien, Ambika Bharath and Chloe Snaddon, arrived well prepared to start the challenge. After additional information from Steve Bird from Catch 22, a drug support charity, about what programmes are in place, the students set to work. They had help from marketing professionals as well as support from SATTRO who organised the event.

 Developing a 'Meet Mr Monty' event, who formed their logo, the students decided to plan something that meant their peers could hear from different people whose lives had been affected by drugs and addiction including parents, doctors and reformed addicts themselves. They wanted to do something others could relate to and not just shocking images on posters. It meant that the students could see that this could happen to anyone and drugs were not discriminatory. They had to then present their idea in front of judges and other schools and colleges and were awarded joint 4th place overall. Danielle O'Brien said "I have enjoyed the event. I didn’t realise how confident I could be when presenting in front of other people" . Rebecca Cain, Applied Business, said " I was very proud of the students, they put a lot of work into researching what sort of campaigns they thought would be effective and speaking to their peers to find out what would work for them. They designed some great visual aids and were a credit to themselves and Strode's"

 As well as lunch students were also provided with a tour of the old prison cells that were in the old court house!


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