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All BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care students were put through their paces by Egham fire fighters as they recently visited the Fire Station.
As fire is one of people's worst nightmares, Blue Watch put Strode’s students through their paces. It all started gently with a seminar led by the watch commander. Then they were taken downstairs to a room full of protective clothing specially supplied for the occasion. The watch officers helped the students put on gloves, boots, fire resistant trousers and jackets and breathing apparatus before sending them into a garage bay that was full of thick smoke to search for a simulated casualty.

The students were watched by the safety officer using a thermal imaging camera as the students worked together in demanding circumstances as they were placed in a casualty evacuation scenario.
Working in the dark and smoke filled room, the students needed to rely solely on their touch and communication skills to help locate and then evacuate a dummy.

One student's comment, "I've never been so scared!"

What a fantastic way to build student confidence and put their team working skills to the test.

Thank you so much Blue Watch, you are our heroes!

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