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Goodbye Class of 2016

Goodbye Class of 2016

Wednesday 29th June 2016 was an emotional day for staff and students at Strode’s College as we said goodbye to our class of 2016.


Even though the day itself was damp and dull our students celebrated in style with the traditional leavers’ barbeque.   This year’s festivities were jam packed with fun activities such as the much loved bungee run, gladiator jousting and sumo wrestling, a DJ playing their favourite tunes and a photo booth where the students got together for one last “selfie” with their friends.

We would like to remind/invite our Class of 2016 to collect their certificates on Results Day on 18th August in Coopers’ Hall.

As we said goodbye to our students they were all given a Leavers’ DVD to remind them of their time at Strode’s College.


It was a great day with an amazing atmosphere and we would just to wish all our second year students every success with their forthcoming exam results and for their chosen career paths.


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