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Girl Power

Girl Power

A-Level students come 3rd in the Spelthorne Business Plan competition.

Second year twins Lauren and Hannah have demonstrated their potential as future business leaders and entrepreneurs after coming 3rd in the local Spelthorne Business Plan competition.

Both girls are currently studying Law, Psychology and Communication and Culture here at Strode’s and decided to collaborate and join forces and enter the Spelthorne Business Plan competition.


The competition was launched a few years ago when Kwasi Kwarteng local MP for Spelthorne and Spelthorne Borough Council decided to hold a competition for budding entrepreneurs.


The girls had a fantastic Business concept of a wearable technology bag.  They created a company called "GOmi" which makes a range of "smart bags".   The first range is called the "WORKmi" which changes from a backpack to a satchel in two moves. It includes antiscan technology to stop electronic theft, can charge your phone and has a multipurpose button to enable you to connect to your phone and control your music, make phone calls, pin point locations and find your phone if lost.


The girls were were the youngest and least experienced of the 30 competitors who took part this year. The girls, prepared for the competition by carrying out market and financial research.   They created a presentation, and really got to grips with the market they are planning to work in.   They knew every pitfall and what they lacked in experience they made up for in talent and ability!


After to speaking to the girls they commented “in a world where wearable technology is becoming the new hype, we hope that our bag will become the success we have always wanted it to be. Although we have our own different ambitious business ideas, such as running a health club business across the UK, we don't know what our future will hold for us, but what we do know, is that this isn't the end to our success. “


We are very proud of our young entrepreneurs and we wish them well in their business aspirations going forward .. watch this space!


Photo taken by Stella Opare.

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