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Excellence and attendance success

Excellence and attendance success

Strode’s students turned out in force to be commended again for either achieving 100% attendance, or for achieving excellent progress this term.

All of the 100% attendance students and students who achieved excellent awards were placed into a prize draw. Rowan Cookson then drew the winning tickets and presented the lucky winners with £10.00 vouchers. Our congratulations go to Ali Ghachem, William Cordell, Jessica Leacock, Emily March, Hania Mubarik, Kate Wilkins, Owen Simpson, Thomas Banks, Paul Taplin, Huyen Le, Kieran Blissett, Adele Negyapati, Matthew Hooke, Victor Reynolds, Emma Nicholson, Emilie Darby, Felix Birch.   

These celebrations take place every half term until the end of the year as a spur to all students to attend every class and to achieve excellence. There will be significant prizes at the end of the academic year for students who have 100% attendance or excellent progress throughout the year.

The clock has started again to give everyone the opportunity to aim for 100% attendance or excellent progress.  At the end of the year prizes will also be awarded to the classes, and the teacher of the winning classes, with the best attendance.

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