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What a night…. Strode’s College Dance students pulled out all the stops as they amazed the audience when they showcased their work at The Magna Carta School on Monday evening.

The audience witnesses a mixture of Yr1 Diploma, Year1 Subsidiary Diploma, Yr2 Diploma and Yr2 Subsidiary Diploma show cased their practical courses.  Whilst, the enrichment group, Stride Dance Company, performed the dance they showcased at Lift Off Dance Festival at South Hill Park Arts Centre this April.

The dance show presented a  variety of styles including: Contemporary, Lyrical Jazz and West End Jazz. Students explored contemporary choreographers such as: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Hofesh Shechter and Akram Khan.

The standard of the work was exceptionally high and the students involved should all be incredibly proud of themselves. 

The evening really showed that Strode’s has got some great dancing talent!




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