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Schools Analyst Competition 2016

 Schools Analyst Competition 2016

For the 16th year in a row Strode’s College have entered students in to  the Schools Analysts Competition, run by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Colleges from across the South East region came together at Kingston University to compete for a place at the National Final.  Our team of three students Dominic Birn-Pratt, Paul Taplin and Max Porter undertook various analytical experiments and were judged on their skills, understanding and accuracy.  

The tasks/experiments included estimating the mass of iron in ferrous sulphate tablets by titrimetric, analysing this by using a standard solution of potassium manganate (VII), calculating  the composition of two dyes by absorption spectrometry using the Beer-Lambert Law and  determination of ethanol in port by gas chromatography.  
The experiments are designed to allow students to explore a range of analytical techniques, some of which they may be quite familiar with and others of which they have never seen before. It is intended to promote team work and good laboratory practice.  
Our students achieved top marks in the first and third task and only lost a few marks on task two.  The team came in at a very creditable fourth place.


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