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Historic trees cut down

Historic trees cut down

Our two main feature trees at the entrance of Strode’s College have fallen victim to a serious fungal infection and have recently been cut down.


Our historic trees calledCedrus libani” or Lebanon Cedar were planned nearly a hundred years ago but since the 1960’s have been struggling to grow due to the cold weather and poor nutrients in the soil.  

The larger tree was in the middle stages of death as the top branches were dead and were shedding from the main trunk.  This was causing a big safety risk as the branches were starting to shed away from the larger ones (car crushing size) and it was guess work as to when the main trunk would give way.

The smaller one had died due to the lighting strike it suffered about 10 years ago and was rotting from the inside and feeding on itself.


Moving forward, we are planning to use the two large trunk sections which are currently on the lawn to construct memorial benches to be placed on the original planting sites of the trees.   We are using the chippings from the smaller branches, bark and brush around the grounds on flower beds and in our planters in the ‘urban garden’ as well as utilising as much of the wood as is possible to enhance the college environment.


Once the ground has fully settled and recovered we will be replacing the semi-mature Lebanon Cedar trees and planting them in similar positions to the original trees.  These new trees will re-frame the college frontage in line with the conservation order that covers the front lawn area and the front of the main building. 

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