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Paintball Excitement

Paintball Excitement

One wet and cold day in March our Sports students began their adventure by spending the day at Campaign Paintball in Cobham for some team building camaraderie. 

After the initial safety talk, they were split up into two teams and collected their guns and equipment.  They were given the task to find and raise the flags in the middle of the forest woodland whilst trying to avoid being hit with paintballs by the opposite team. No one escaped the paint, not even the teachers! Team spirit and camaraderie developed during the battle but eventually the fighting came to an end with a draw.

Students were asked to make observations on leadership styles and methods used throughout the day by the instructors to ensure safe and effective leadership took place. They have since been asked to apply these observations to an assignment on Psychological Factors and Considerations in Leadership.

Bruised and battle-weary, the students left on such a high from the rush of adrenalin.


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