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Taking action on respect!

Taking action on respect!

Level 2 and Level 3 students have worked together on an exciting Respect project which ended on Wednesday 23 March with a student event attended by more than 65 peoples including governors, staff and parents.

The yearlong project, with funding from Paul Hamlyn and Active Citizens FE, was learner led and focused on the issues of active citizenship, public speaking skills and the issue of respect.

After exploring what active citizenship means, Level 2 students worked with Level 3 performing arts students to choose the respect issues of concern which were then turned into performance theatre pieces and the opportunity for students to think about how they could change the end of the story for the better. The students choose the issues of young people and weight issues, sexual consent and bullying behaviour.

 At the final event, the students performed three pieces based on these issues. A set of posters designed by the students on issues of respect and equality and diversity were displayed. A video capturing thoughts on what Repect is was shown as part of the presentation. The audience was also asked to write down their definition of respect for a ‘Respect Tree’ which will be displayed in the student centre.  The project was coordinated by Emma Kadri Langford with the level 2 tutors, Nigel Daley, Tracey Keighley and Karen Fuller.


The project and event was a great success with even the staff band playing a couple of numbers contributing to a real party atmosphere. Assistant Principal, Bernadette Joslin said ‘ It is really important that young people explore the issue of respect and understand that it's about  responsibilities as well as rights; respect also needs to be earned and not just taken for granted. Where respect doesn't exist, as active citizens we must all have the courage and skills to stand up and make a difference to change things for the better’.

A curriculum pack on this theme with contributions for college across the country involved in the project will be available in June.

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