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Vote for Strode’s Mobile App!

Vote for Strode’s Mobile App!

IT BTEC student Martynas, has been shortlisted for CAE Digital Champions Program.  The CAE Student Digital Champions Program gives students the opportunity to gain insight into technology in industry environments.   Martynas submitted  his plan for a college App for iOS and android and now has been short listed along with four other apps.     


Please support Martynas and VOTE for him the deadline is Wednesday 23rd March 2016


Martynas has created an app for all your college needs. The app will have many features which will make your college experience easier and smoother and can be carried in your phone at all times. Includes a calendar, notifications, Chat function between students and teachers, assignment tracking, UCAS point calculator, news from the college (announcements), timetables, built-in college email access, parent portal and accessibility options, amongst other features. The app is could “provide a lot more insight and information for the student and even make college life engaging since most of the students spend most of their time on their smartphones and wireless devices.” This entry is detailed and has graphics mocked up showing the layout of the app as well as large descriptions of what each section of the app will do.


We will keep you posted – good luck Martynas!


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