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It Snows

It Snows

As the curtain goes down the crowd wants more….

This year’s College play “It Snows” was a fantastic success.  The play was written by Bryony Laverty, Steven Hoggest and Scott Graham.

Same old story. Boy doesn't meet Girl. Girl doesn't meet Boy. Threatened by terrifying Lads Gang. Threatened by awe-inspiring Girls Gang. Mum and Dad have declared war... against each other. Weird neighbour in the building opposite. Usual ordinary gloominess. Then, one day, it snows. Everything changes.

On Friday  night we witnesses the final production of “It Snows” before our Performing Arts students head off to a London Theatre to perform “ It snows” again for the National Theatre Connections festival, fingers crossed we will be selected to perform at the National Theatre.

Break a leg guys you are amazing!

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