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India 2015

India 2015

The Worshipful Company of Coopers is one of the oldest in the City of London. In modern times it has evolved into the trustee of 6 principal charities, and a social and charitable enterprise that harnesses the skills and resources of its members to support a wide variety of causes. 
Henry Strode, the founder of the original Strode’s School, had been a Master of the Company and in the early days it administered the charity under which the school was run. One of the most tangible links is represented by the award of the Travel Bursaries. 

Two annual awards are made by the Coopers’ Company to students for travel to further their studies. They enable students to embark upon more ambitious travel projects than might otherwise be possible. They can be used for example, to collect material for a project which is part of an examination specification or to extend one’s knowledge and understanding of another culture.

Coopers’ Travel Bursary Winner 2015 is Kaylea Mavromatis

Kaylea was fortunate enough to win the travel bursary which took her on a two month adventure  to Northern India.

Kaylea had to catch three flights to get to Jodhpur (Rajasthan, Northern India) and her home for the next two months.  On arrival she jumped straight in and braved walking by herself with her camera around the small town ‘to find her bearings’.  Over the next few days and months Kaylea was welcomed by all the different projects Sambhali offered, meeting so many inspirational characters.  Kaylea taught three different levels of English and maths, ranging from 8-45 year old women and girls.

Kaylea commented, “There are many fond memories that I look back on now, particularly the excitement of the women when they understood something from my lessons. I have never felt more rewarded than those moments, particularly when a 45 year old woman hugs me and looked at me with admiration when she was able to write her name in English.”

We are glad Kaylea took up this opportunity and had a trip of a life time.


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