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Celebration Event

Celebration Event
Hundreds of Strode’s students have been commended again this week for achieving either 100% attendance, or for achieving excellence progress in the second half term of the academic year.
The students were invited to celebrate their achievement where they were presented with a small token chosen by the Student Council and placed into a prize draw. College Principal Rowan Cookson then drew the winning tickets and presented the ten lucky winners with £10.00 Amazon vouchers for attendance and ten lucky winners for excellence. Our congratulations go to Sonysha Pandit, Jessica Page, Chris Roberts, Brogan Lynch, Kate Wilkins, Jasmine Fone, Leanne Wesbter, David Zaremba, Chris D’Rozario and James Mall for winning the attendance vouchers. While Alex Washer, Tom Elliot, Adam Carr, Sadie Hall, Benedict Lovejoy, Jocelyn Gaitskell, Ryan Stanton, Chloe MacKinnon, Maddy Bettany and Laura Taylor also celebrated by achieving the first excellent awards vouchers.
This was the first time we celebrated excellent, as we already have half termly attendance events that celebrate 100% attendance and these have been popular and students involved last year when surveyed reported that the events and campaign had an impact on their motivation to maintain their excellent attendance.
Therefore, we decided to involve more students by introducing and receiving nominations from staff every half term for the students who they believe are worthy of public recognition at the events with a positive email also going to parents at the same time.
College Principal Rowan Cookson said, ‘This is again fantastic news and I am delighted to see so many students with either 100% attendance or have been nominated for an excellence award.”
Both these celebrations will take place every half term until the end of the year as a spur to all students. There will be significant prizes at the end of the academic year for students who have 100% attendance or who have been awarded an excellence award. To incentivise other students to continue to improve excellent motivation or attendance, the clock will start again giving everyone a new opportunity and to receive a prize.

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