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Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair
Christmas came early to Strode’s this year as we enjoyed a festive make-over for the Christmas Fair. Staff and students alike put on their jolly jumpers and embraced the festive spirit by drinking hot chocolate and singing along to the staff band as they play some Christmas songs. A number of stalls including candy canes, henna and face painting were buzzing with excitement and as always a popular attraction throughout the afternoon was the festive photo booth.
A first at Strode’s was the inter tutor bake-off competition where we saw 29 competitive entries with the theme “Christmas”. The judges, including the Principal, had the equally enviable and unenviable task of determining the first place. After deep debate and a couple more samples just to be sure, the winning prize was presented to Matthew Hyde’s tutorial group for the Christmas Wreath.
What a great way to end a very busy term.

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