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Parliament for the day

Parliament for the day

A momentous occasion was experienced at Parliament on a day that will be remembered by the first year Politics students.   Politics students were in the heart of the current debates about whether the UK should participate in Syrian air strikes.   The high levels of security coupled with the contentious issues on debate made for a memorable trip to London. 

On arrival it was evident that the house was busy and when the students entered the House of Commons and the House of Lords galleries they were able to watch the live debates between the incumbent government and the opposition.  The students learned about how challenging politics can be on a daily basis and they had plenty to say about the experience.  ‘It was amazing to go at such a crucial time’ and ‘it was nice to put some context behind the course, especially witnessing a live debate’.

The second half of the visit allowed students the opportunity to participate in electoral voting at the new education centre.  One student asserted that ‘the interactive element of the trip was a good way to consolidate our knowledge of UK electoral systems.’  It is evident that a good day was had by all!

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