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Pop Music Master Class

Pop Music Master Class

Our First and Second Year Music Performance students recently visited Skyline Studios in Ashford.  The focus of the visit was to give students first-hand experience of preparing and recording their coursework task as a class in a professional working studio under the supervision of a music producer.

First year students recorded a live mix of  'When I Come Around' by Green Day and a multi-track overdubbed recording of 'Unforgiven II' by Metallica.

Second year students recorded a live mix of 'Learn to Fly' by The Foo Fighters and an overdubbed recording of 'The Scientist' by Coldplay.

The students also took the opportunity to have a tour of the studio and attend a couple of workshops on microphone placement for drum kits and on using a mixer in the control room.

Soon the project files of the songs will be sent to the College in order to continue with mixing and mastering the tracks and Jez Larder one of the music producer at Skyline Studios will be visiting Strode’s within the next few weeks to carry out a session on mixing and mastering with the students.

Once the tracks are complete and are of broadcast quality, students will be able to add them to their production portfolio.

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