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Philip Hammond MP back at Strode’s

Philip Hammond MP back at Strode’s

Philip Hammond, MP for Runnymede and Weybridge and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, visited Strode’s College on Friday 20 November to support students preparing for their next student parliament; part of a range of student voice initiatives at the College which aim to get students more involved in decision making and engaged with the democratic process.

The main purpose of Mr. Hammond’s visit was to record a short address that will be shown at the next student parliament, scheduled to take place on Wednesday 9th December.  Mr. Hammond delivered an impressive speech intended for the tutor reps who will attend the parliament, highlighting the importance of student democracy, student voice and the importance of democratic participation.

Following the recording, a number of our A Level politics students and members of the Student Union executive took part in a question and answer session with Mr. Hammond. Questions ranged across the political spectrum, from the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the impact of students leaving university with potential debts and the Government’s plans for clean renewable energy. The student’s listened with interest as Mr. Hammond engaged with the students and responded passionately to the questions asked.

Bernadette Joslin, Assistant Principal of Guidance said, “We are delighted that Mr. Hammond made the effort to come to the College at this very busy time.  It is essential that young people engage in political discussions and develop the skills and knowledge for effective participation in society. I am proud of the questions the students asked and it was a great opportunity for them to challenge a senior politician on a range of issues of concern to them. Mr. Hammond also recorded a really great message for our next student parliament encouraging them to get involved in all aspects of College life and the community  and make a real difference.”

Thank you Mr. Hammond and we look forward to welcoming you back to Strode’s in the near future to provide students with another opportunity to gain first-hand experience about politics from our local MP. 

Please watch Mr Hammond address our students

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