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Off to Wembley

Off to Wembley

Our second Year BTEC Sport and A Level PE students took the opportunity to visit Wembley stadium, hosted by UCFB a University that operates from Wembley Stadium.    The day started with the students being given an insight into football specific related degrees and advice on how to gain a career in the global sports market.


As part of their experience they were given a task in crisis management and had to think of ways of resolving hypothetical scenarios such as breaches in stadium security.  They were also given the opportunity to access the players area where they were able to see how the England Team prepare for matches before the big games and view the luxury changing facilities.  Highlights of the day were sitting in Roy Hodgson’s seat and experiencing the view from the player’s seats and of course no tour of Wembley would be complete without a walk up the famous steps to collect the trophy.


The visit was a great success as the students thoroughly enjoyed this unique learning experience and also gaining an insight into a possible career. 

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