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Bridge to Success

Bridge to Success

Strode’s College greeted all new students this week with an exciting induction event designed to settle them into college life, make new friends and understanding the expectations of life in a sixth form college environment

The concept for the session was transitions from school to college and to adult life. Students were divided into groups and asked to construct a bridge that would allow a remote control car to cross it.   The bridge had to be three dimensional, 50cm long and also look good.  The students were given just over an hour to design, create and build their masterpiece using a number of resources including  a pack of spaghetti, marshmallows, sellotape, arts and crafts materials and masses of junk that college staff had collected over the summer.  Individual tables were also given specific resources which they could use or negotiate swaps with other tables.  The sports hall was buzzing with an exciting atmosphere as this great team building exercise broke down barriers and helped encourage group interaction and a sense of communal learning.  A successful university student and an entrepreneur also were interviewed during the afternoon to give students the idea of what  a successful student is about and to help them understand the bigger picture of work and employment in the future and the skills required for these.

As the session came to a close the students waited patiently to see if their 50cm bridge could stand the test of the remote controlled car and in doing so the students witnessed for themselves that it is just as important to focus on the final destination as is the journey and how you get there. A prize of cinema tickets was awarded to the winning team in the three sessions.

Our induction process at Strode’s is designed to help students succeed both academically and socially in their first year of College, to help them feel more confident by providing opportunities to meet and get to know other students and to learn about the resources and support available at the College.

East to west has been at the forefront of youth and community work since 1996.  With a clear focus of bringing hope, it is their passion and heritage to facilitate training into the community and upskill and inspire people to create a brighter future.

Bernadette Joslin, Assistant Principal of Guidance commented, “The induction sessions have been a huge success and we hope by running these events we create a really excellent start for students coming to the College.


Our thanks go to the east to west team and all our wonderful students who took part in this year’s induction sessions.

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