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Professor James McKee visited Strode's

Professor James McKee visited Strode's

It is due to the Victorian philanthropist Thomas Holloway and his wife Jane that we are lucky to have a highly rated research university on our doorstep.


Strode's College benefits from many links with the Royal Holloway, University of London.


Professor James McKee visited Strode's to speak to our students about Mathematics at University. This talk was well attended by a number of students who already know they want to study a mathematics or mathematics-related degree, but also by some students who are as yet undecided about which path they wish to follow upon completing their A-level studies. Professor McKee unravelled the terminology students will come across when completing their UCAS forms, how university degrees evolve over the three years of study, what a typical week at university looks like, and the options available to customise degrees with topics of interest. Our students also looked at some mathematical theorems and conjectures studied at university, as well as hearing about the world-leading research that has placed the university highly in the rankings of the Research Excellence Framework. If you have a mobile phone, then you carry around a piece of Royal Holloway mathematics research!


Our students said:

"I got more information from this talk than I did from a whole day at another university's taster day."


"I didn't know I could study Mathematics and Spanish together!"


Louisa Yena, Acting Head of Mathematics, said "We would like to thank Professor McKee for a hugely informative session that has inspired a number of our students to think about further study of Mathematics beyond A-level.”



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