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Strode’s Media department held its annual “Henry’s” ceremony recently in the style of the Hollywood Oscars. This popular, red carpet event celebrates the achievements of our AS and A2 Media students.

Students, staff, families and friends all dressed to impress for the evening, making their grand entrance on the red carpet.  Attendees were treated to a showreel of the very best of 2014/15 media work, with students nominated in a wide range of categories from best production of the year, to best student of the year, to outstanding body of work, best media department student of the year and many more. Winners in each category won a coveted “Henry’s” statuette.

The award for most outstanding student, which is given to a student who has shown outstanding commitment, improvement and talent, went to Mel Ebsworth . Melody has shown extraordinary tenacity and commitment in every project she has been given, including a promotional video of Strode’s College.

We are very proud of our Media leavers and it has been another bumper year for talent, with some excellent films, blogs and print products produced.


The full list of winners on the evening are :


Media Studies

AS Student of the Year – Sonny Elphick

AS Production of the Year - Johti Kirby

A2 Student of the Year – Rhiannon Sewell

A2 Production of the Year – Lilli Burridge-Payne 



Film Studies

AS Student of the Year – Chloe Mackinnon and Ellie Rainbow

AS Production of the Year – Sophie Lennon

A2 Student of the Year – Joanna Curley

A2 Production of the Year – Jamie Edwards




Best Project: Katy Cannon and Louise Kent- ‘Can We Live Without Makeup?’ (Documentary)

Best Student: Michael Rae



Best Project - Jorginho Onyeme, Melody Ebsworth and Shelby Myers (Strode’s Promotional Video)

Best Student -  Shirine El-Zarif

Outstanding Body of Work -  Oliver Addams

Media Department Student of the Year- Mel Ebsworth
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