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Attendance Award Ceremony

Attendance Award Ceremony
Celebrations all round as the 100% attendance campaign reaches the finale. Hundreds of Strode’s students turned out in force to be commended again for achieving 100% attendance in every single lesson on their timetable and demonstrating outstanding commitment to their studies.
All of the students who had 100% attendance for the previous term were invited to celebrate their achievement and were placed into a prize draw. Anne Fielding Smith drew the winning tickets and presented the lucky winners with £10.00 Amazon vouchers. Our congratulations go to Daniel Budd, Georgia Cole, Karolina Dudek, Chloe Kent, Johti Kirby, Jack McCarthy, Katie Nicol, Chloe Selby, Jocasta Terrell and Zachary Wreford
There were also significant prizes for students who have achieved 100% attendance for the whole academic year. All of the students achieving this fantastic milestone were entered into a draw where they had the opportunity to win either an Ipad mini or Amazon vouchers worth £100.00 and £50.00.
Congratulations goes to first year Daniel Rourke for winning the Ipad mini. Lucy Wickstead won second prize of £100.00 Amazon vouchers and Ellie Rainbow won the £50.00 voucher for coming third in the draw.
Prizes were also awarded for the classes achieving the best overall attendance for the year. All of the winning classes came to the same conclusion that the best way to celebrate their great achievement was to share a pizza feast in their classroom at lunch time!
Congratulations went to:
Level 3 yr 1 courses: Mathematics (Mechanics) 97.82%
Level 3 yr 2 courses: Mathematics (Further) 96.95%
Level 2 courses: Travel & Tourism BTEC 94.53%

College Principal Anne Fielding Smith said, ‘This was a very successful campaign and it was great to see so many students achieving 100%.”
All of the students who reached 100% attendance received a certificate of achievement from the Director of Guidance, Bernadette Joslin, congratulating them on their success.

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