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A fairy tale comes true for Hannah

A fairy tale comes true for Hannah


Hannah Sheldrake, a Strode's Performing Arts Dance student ventured to Pineapple dance studios in Covent Garden for a once in a lifetime opportunity for the open calling for the Disney auditions.   Hannah got through numerous rounds of auditions which included acting, dancing, height and body checks for tattoos, piercings and scars.  Throughout the day the numbers reduced from 400 applicants down to just five. Those lucky five including Hannah were offered contracts with Disney.

Hannah is now waiting on her call from Disney to find out when she will start.  Hannah’s role at Disneyland Paris has been cast as the wicked queen from Snow White, originally known as 'Queen Grimhilde'.   After attending “Disney school” Hannah will be required to meet and greet guests and be part of the parade.

Hannah said, “The auditions were insane! By far the scariest day of my life!” She is also prepared to be boo'd at, given that her potential character is evil.


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